Message from the President – Chief Teresa Walter

Our state is known for a lot of great things such as crab cakes, the Star Spangle Banner, our beaches, mountains, and our very distinctive state flag. These are just small examples of our state. But I think our dedication to law enforcement needs to be added to that list of great things.

We have a great law enforcement community in Maryland complete with men and women, who have dedicated their lives to keeping our neighborhoods, streets, and highways safe. It takes a very special person to shoulder the responsibility of protecting others. No matter the color of your uniform, whether you are from a small or large police department, regardless of service in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, Baltimore City, or central Maryland, every uniform signifies the dedication of the individual wearing it.

We should be proud of our successes and the officers who perform admirable day in and day out. But we still have challenges such as the multitude of concerns that arise from legislative issues or dissecting complex subjects that face law enforcement on a continual basis.

On behalf of the Executive Board for the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association, thank you for all you and your agencies do. Just as the men and women in our organizations are dedicated to this profession, our members are the strength of this Association. It takes a cooperative effort by all of us to ensure we use intellect, compassion, and, yes, at times force, to prevent and reduce crime. Our Association is comprised of intelligent, innovative people. I am honored to be surrounded by professionals who are well versed in leadership, law-enforcement techniques, and legislation.

I am extremely honored to be your President and I thank each of you for your commitment to our Association and the law enforcement profession. In the past your Executive Boards have done their utmost to promote and continually improve policing here in the State of Maryland. As a member of the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association I am forever grateful to those past presidents who are all dedicated and accomplished leaders.

I encourage you to join me along with your 1st Vice President Mike Pristoop, 2nd Vice President Dave Morris, Executive Director Larry Harmel, and Legal Council Karen Kruger as we work through matters that are important and will have a significant impact on all of our organizations.

Thank you.