Message from the President – Chief Michael Wynnyk

As the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association reflects on its first 50 years, the roots that were established will allow us to continue to grow as an organization and meet the challenges that the future will surely bring. Public service in a professional and dedicated effort is the cornerstone of our association and each member and the collective efforts are what make us a community. It is with great pleasure and pride that each of you has allowed me the honor to be affiliated to this excellent partnership.

As a Chief of Police, we are individually responsible for our own police department, and the policing of the respective jurisdiction within a local municipality, a county, a city, a transportation entity, our natural resources, statewide and federally. Yet we come together as one unit, with one mission, to share ideas, information and resources in a collective effort to make our country safer for everyone.

Police work is described as a noble profession. Webster defines noble as: “characterized by superiority of mind or character or of ideals or morals”. As the leaders of these noble men and women, we are tasked with guiding some of the finest public servants through treacherous waters. We ask them to work long hours, at night and on holidays so that others can stay home safely and enjoy their families. We ask them to make split second decisions that others will scrutinize for weeks. We ask them to put their life in danger to protect the life of another. We ask much of them, as was asked of each of us when we first put on the badge. And we would all do it again, because we are police officers. And we take great pride in leading our fellow officers.

The Maryland Chiefs of Police are committed to providing quality public safety services through a great law enforcement partnership, led by dedicated chiefs and sheriffs. As the president of this association I will perform my duties in a manner consistent with every past president and serve our association with honor, and dignity.