THANKS to our great exhibitors and vendors that have supported the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association & Maryland Sheriffs' Association in our 2021 Professional Development Training Seminar & Exhibitor Show!

Please consider these great product and service providers for your public safety needs!


Advanced Security Technologies LLC Randall Lofland 804-690-3055 [email protected]
Aftermath Services LLC John Giganti 443-752-9573 [email protected]
Altumint, Inc. Michael Phelan 301-520-6405 [email protected]
AMCHAR Wholesale, Inc. Barry Witt 585-328-3951 x159 [email protected]
American Public Safety Alex Sgambato 980-721-2529 [email protected]
AT & T Christopher¬† Carroll 202-227-5345 [email protected]
Atlantic Tactical Emma Yeager 301-741-1252 [email protected]
Axon Melisa Guevara 520-404-0506 [email protected]
Benchmark Analytics Brian Duranty 708-439-5245 [email protected]
Blauer Manufacturing Co. Harry Fisher 443-401-7897 [email protected]
BodyWorn by Utility Carlo Capano 603-493-0699 [email protected]
CentralSquare Technologies Todd Herb 800-727-8088 [email protected]
Code 3 Amy Willey 262-352-9856 [email protected]
Combined Public Communications Phil Apanovitch 860-836-2700 [email protected]
CompuStrategies J & PS, LLS Navin Alexander 703-919-7641 [email protected]
CourtCall Joe Duffy 919-428-0235 [email protected]
Datum Tech Solutions Bob Rice 206-641-1935 [email protected]
Dewberry Courtney Messick 703-992-5496 [email protected]
Durabook Federal Bill Dubnowski 571-919-7085 [email protected]
East Coast Tactical Felipe Arenas 202-351-1599 [email protected]
Elbeco, Inc. David Rosenblum 484-220-1967 [email protected]
Essential Personnel Scott Monroe 540-270-5912 [email protected]
Extra Duty Solutions Adam Brian 203-892-0766 [email protected]
Fechheimer Brothers Co/Flying Cross Dan Collins 717-779-8038 [email protected]
Federal Signal Jorel DeLeon 302.362.2129 [email protected]
Ferretly International, LLC Jaime Frankos 410-271-6851 [email protected]
Fesco Emergency Sales Stephen Martin 240-653-6137 [email protected]
Firing Line Gregory Isabella 215-336-1710 [email protected]
Fleet Reps Austin Malin 443-907-0125 [email protected]
Flock Safety Lynne Drake 540-623-2503 [email protected]
Front Line Mobile Tech Sarah Ellison 443-854-1993 [email protected]
Galls Jeff Bush 859-351-2524 [email protected]
Galvion Nick Van Woert 802-334-2774 [email protected]
Global Public Safety Tamera Anolick 941-376-2574 [email protected]
GLOCK, Inc Taylor Crowley 404-539-4565 [email protected]
Grand Canyon University Darin Pridham 717-562-4808 [email protected]
Harbor of Grace Kenneth Beyer 443-502-8606 [email protected]
HCGI Bill Hottman 410-302-0403 [email protected]
Infiniti Pins, Inc. Steven Strauss 410-360-3777 [email protected]
In-Synch Systems Kirk Farra 800-243-6540 x 103 [email protected]
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Richard Barton 443-325-5221 [email protected]
Intoximeters Jack Aden 704-206-0950 [email protected]
Keystone Public Safety, Inc. Mike DePerro 609-214-7005 [email protected]
Lawmen Supply Company Joe Wysocki 856-417-2108 [email protected]
Lexipol John Rychlak 610-842-6156 [email protected]
LexisNexis Daryl Haugh 202-256-8757 [email protected]
MaestroVision Claude Turcotte 561-305-4469 [email protected]
Major Police Supply Kevin Good 973-584-7714 [email protected]
Manns Woodward Studios Rob Manns 410-344-1460 [email protected]
Mark43 Analisa Wade 980-422-3537 [email protected]
Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. Teresa Albero 301-599-0800 [email protected]
MdE, Inc. Jean Reaver 443-271-2439 [email protected]
Motorola Solutions, Inc. Heather Tinney 240-565-5770 [email protected]
MPH Industries Steve Reiner 270-925-7089 [email protected]
NaphCare Sarah Elizabeth Brandt 205-516-8248 [email protected]
National Child Safety Council Joe Bricker 804-314-9698 [email protected]
Nationwide Richard DeNardi 443-417-4302 [email protected]
OffenderWatch Joel Shoultz 985-264-9409 [email protected]
Officerstore / Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. James Waltrop 484-288-6420 [email protected]
Panasonic Kurt Bittner 201-407-5901 [email protected]
Pay Tel Communications, Inc. Mike Bronson 860-808-4935 [email protected]
Pexip Rob Short 571-420-9797 [email protected]
Police Federal Credit Union Patty Bartholomew 301-817-1213 [email protected]
PrimeCare Medical, Inc. Derek Hughes 717-545-5787 [email protected]
Safe Fleet, Inc. Brian Ferry 832-535-0162 [email protected]
SecureWatch 24, LLC Pat Fox 518-469-9201 [email protected]
Selex ES Inc., a Leonardo Company Nate Maloney 518-495-2288 [email protected]
Sensys Gatso Group Dorian Grubaugh 513-259-3317 [email protected]
Sound FX Matt Bishop 443-373-8145 [email protected]
Special Olympics Maryland Betsy Jiron 410-207-2146 [email protected]
Stalker Radar Daniel Rinker 214-755-6324 [email protected]
Stevenson University Online Jamie Hill 443-352-5843 [email protected]
Tate, Inc. Jude Widmann 909-342-2303 [email protected]
Team One Network Jason Meyer 540-408-3257 [email protected]
TechOps Specialty Vehicles, LLC William Krampf 443-848-2906 [email protected]
Telecommunications Access of Maryland Donna Broadway-Callaman 410-582-6158 [email protected]
Teleosoft, Inc Cory Fregm 717-676-9412 [email protected]
Thales Hanne Adamsen 615-513-4720 [email protected] Suzy Keenan 610-620-5100 [email protected]
T-Mobile John Wilson 508-801-2998 [email protected]
United Public Safety John Holland 267-615-1105 [email protected]
USC Canterbury David Councell 410-991-7999 [email protected]
UVC Experts LLC Lazaro Perez 231-215-9250 [email protected]
Vapensystems Inc. Martin Dijkema 561-346-7038 [email protected]
Verizon Laurie Cahill 908-323-1361 [email protected]
Verra Mobility Shelby Larriva 480-596-4565 [email protected]
Veterans Lab Services Heather Cowand 443-845-3848 [email protected]
VirTra Jon Merone 240-772-7546 [email protected]
Washington National Insurance Company Julie Craig 704-577-0013 [email protected]
ZOLL Medical Corporation Andrew Creen 508-847-8011 [email protected]