Message from the President - Chief David Morris

The men and women of Maryland law enforcement are among the most talented, professional and conscientious in the nation. Time and time again we witness acts of bravery and resolve from our officers who risk their lives everyday keeping our communities safe. As an Association, the Maryland Chief of Police (MCPA) has the simple and first goal of ensuring the safety of our officers. We must also support our profession by promoting practices and creating opportunities to improve law enforcement and public safety in Maryland. 

This has been an extraordinarily challenging year for professional law enforcement, not only in Maryland but throughout our country. In the wake of highly publicized events involving police and community, there has been a groundswell of scrutiny often echoed in mistrust of police. We should know that the majority of people embrace us and appreciate the necessary and dangerous work we do. This is so because the overwhelming number of law enforcement officers in Maryland deeply care about the communities they serve. 

Our Association has been involved –and extremely proactive– in matters affecting our profession. We have spent countless hours in venues and settings throughout the State to help shape the future in positive ways. Our end goals must always be aimed at supporting and protecting police officers and of course the community.

I am proud and honored to hold the position as President of MCPA, and I pledge to continue upholding our Association's professionalism and respect as we continue our important work. 

Be safe!