The Maryland Chief of Police Association is comprised of Executive law enforcement officers from State, Local and Federal Agencies, prosecutors and police legal advisers, members of the Maryland Police Training Commission, private sector security directors and interested citizens.  We are a membership based organization of law enforcement executives who work tirelessly on behalf of our members and our communities in several critical areas: Legislative and Legal Advocacy, Training and Member Services. Our active engagement on issues of public safety policy has allowed our association to effectively work with our State Senators and Delegates in Annapolis on legislation that impacts legal, social, and budgetary issues. MCPA  is recognized as the voice of law enforcement advocacy on behalf of local law enforcement in Maryland. MCPA also provides contemporary training to law enforcement leaders statewide, ensuring our members remain current on leading issues as well as preparing the next generation of Maryland's law enforcement executives.

Membership in the Association consists of four categories: Active, Associate, Retired and Life.

Active Membership:

The Chief Law Enforcement Executive of any State, county or municipal law enforcement agency established by law, and any division of a federal agency that is assigned to law enforcement duties in the State of Maryland; 2 2) The Chief Law Enforcement Executive's sworn Deputies, Assistants, Bureau and Division Commanders when sponsored by the Chief Executive who is a member in good standing.

Associate Membership:

1) Any person not eligible for Active membership, but qualified by training and experience in police or other law enforcement activity, or by other professional attainments in law, police science, administration, private security, or law enforcement training and whose membership would benefit the Association. 2) Any member of the community who, while not in the criminal justice profession, provides support to the Association, and whose membership would benefit the Association.

Retired Membership:

1) Any person who has been an Active member for at least five years and retires from the law enforcement profession. 2) Retired members have the same privileges as Associate members.

Life Membership:

1) Persons completing a full term as President of this Association, and 2) The Executive Board may grant to any Active or Associate Member who has served the Association with honored distinction for 10 consecutive years, and who has rendered outstanding service to the Association by distinguishing him or herself by deed or act on behalf of the principles or objectives of this Association a Life Membership; 3) Any member may nominate another member for Life Membership.

Membership Application Process

Application for all classes of membership shall be made on the required on-line registration process through this website which shall be shall be submitted to the Executive Director.  Applications must be accompanied by full payment of the current annual dues for the class of membership.

  • Each applicant must be sponsored by a Member in good standing for membership in the Association. The nominating member shall certify that he/she is personally acquainted with the applicant, believes the statements contained in the application to be true and that the applicant is eligible for membership.  Membership for deputies, assistants, bureau and division commanders, and any other employees, must be sponsored by their chief executive officer who shall be a member in good standing.
  • An active member applying for Retired membership need not reapply for membership but must notify the Executive Director of his/her change in status. Any Retired member who returns to active employment and meets the qualifications of Active membership shall be re-classified by the Executive Director as an Active Member.
  • The Executive Director shall screen all applications for membership and upon being determined eligible according to the Constitution and By-Laws, make a recommendation to the Executive Board. At its next scheduled meeting the Executive Board shall vote on each nominee, with a majority vote of those in attendance required for membership.
  • The Executive Director, at the next general business meeting of the Association, shall present the names of those applicants approved for membership by the Executive Board. Any member in good standing may oppose an applicant for membership by a showing of good cause. If an objection is made, the application is shall be investigated and reconsidered by the Executive Board.  After reconsideration, the decision of the Executive Board is final concerning whether the applicant is accepted for membership.
  • Any change in the eligibility for membership requires the member to make written requests for retention of membership to the Executive Director.

You may fill out your application online and submit your form electronically:

  • Membership Application
You may pay for your membership online below.

Our membership fees are as follow:
  • Active Membership - $150.00
  • Associate Membership - $150.00
  • Retired Membership - $40.00

We invite you to become a member of the professional organization which represents the best in Maryland law enforcement.  Click on the membership Application button below to submit your membership application.