Message from the President - Chief Hank Stawinski

On behalf of the more than 400 law enforcement executive officers across the State of Maryland, welcome to the website resources for the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association. Our mission is to foster professionalism and collaboration amongst law enforcement executives throughout the State of Maryland. This resource provides useful information about our organization.     

The Maryland Chiefs of Police Association represents federal, state, local law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals throughout Maryland who are committed to working together to provide progressive and effective law enforcement services to our public.  We are likewise dedicated to building and expanding the public’s trust in law enforcement across the state and the nation.

Beyond the public’s trust, for law enforcement to be successful, we must foster positive working relationships at all levels of government and private enterprise.  One way that we accomplish this is through the work of our Legislative Committee whose members evaluate and endorse legislation and policies that impact public safety in all of our communities.  Our association provides expertise, guidance and testimony to ensure that proposed laws or regulations have a balanced and positive impact on our citizens and our public safety efforts.     

A second key commitment of the Association is the professional development of our currently serving law enforcement executives as well as our future leaders.  Ours is a dynamic profession. Arthur C. Clarke observed, “Trying to predict the future is a discouraging and hazardous occupation.” We acknowledge that the future will bring new and unforeseen challenges. As a result, we must constantly engage our communities, question our assumptions, think differently, and chart new courses forward. We accomplish this through programs such as our Annual Professional Development Seminar, New Chiefs and Sheriffs Training program, regional seminars and our monthly meetings. 

Finally, it is a singular privilege to serve as the President of the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association. The Officers and Agents, Sheriff’s Deputies and Troopers across the Free State are the finest people I know. I am committed to their safety and the safety of the public in equal measure. I look forward to a brighter, and safer, future for us all.

Be Safe,

Chief Hank Stawinski
President, Maryland Chiefs of Police Association